Growth Mindset: Business Coaching

I'm excited to work with you!

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Let's face it: anyone can start a business, but not everyone can build a brand. Branding is more than just creating a logo and trying to build a business with a fancy name. Despite your enormous business potential, if you aren't branding correctly then you're doing yourself, and your business, a complete disservice.

Do You:

  • ...have a desire to grow your business to unfathomable heights and earn an income that reflects your efforts?
  • ...want to cultivate a meaningful relationship with your customers and clients to ensure repetitive business and an awesome reputation?
  • ...understand that there is more to growing a business than just selling to the masses and hoping someone buys?
  • ...understand that your mindset plays a huge role in your life and business' success and by executing key mindset shifts you're setting yourself up to win...and to win big?
  • ...understand that if you want others to invest in you and your dreams, you must first make the leap to invest in yourself?

I believe that a successful business is half about marketing, sales, branding and half about your mindset. The best entrepreneurs, the most successful CEOs, and the most lucrative founders all know this secret - that your mindset plays a huge role in your business' success

During my business coaching sessions we'll evaluate your business mindset, from your deep rooted beliefs to your hidden fears and re-shape them in order to craft a future CEO that's ready to kill the business game. We'll also cover the basic business essentials such branding, in order to position your business effectively, customized marketing strategies and detailed content strategies to help you find your audience, consistently show up to serve them, and secure those income you truly deserve. 

With a bachelors in both Psychology and Sociology and a Master's in Global Marketing Communications and Advertising I've had enough formal training to propel me forward. But, what serves as the icing on the cake is the fact that I've started many business (let's not forget the lemonade stands and dog walking businesses as a kid). I've been the guinea pig for my own ideas and coaching strategies many times in this life.

Business coaching with me won't be traditional to say the least. We won't spend countless hours perfecting your coveted sales funnel and we won't dissect your Instagram posting schedule more than it needs to be dissected. We will fine tune habits and set and track goals that will have you well on your way to being the confident and successful business owner you're meant to be.

What You Get

  • Analysis of website design + social channels
  • Audit of current (digital) marketing strategy
  • Bi-weekly hour long live video coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email access - ask all the questions you need to
  • Customized action steps for your business goals
    • Including custom workbook for your business and goals
  • Customized mindset shift action steps and goals
    • Including custom workbook for your needs and goals
  • Custom content strategy (including coaching on brand voice, posting schedule, strategies for growth)
  • Final strategy session to analyze what your next steps are + measure your progress
  • Lots of fun (productive) time with me!

Total Live Sessions: 6 Hour Long Sessions, 1 Final Strategy Session

Included Material: 2 Customized Workbooks, Detailed Marketing and Content Strategy PDFs

Invest in Yourself!

$1850 (payment plans available upon request) 

*Please note that I only take on 4-5 coaching clients at a time due to intense nature of this program. As a result, coaching is on a application basis only. Apply below so we can hop on a quick call and asses whether this program is a great fit for you and your business!