Signature Squarespace Website Design 

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Website Design

Do You:

  • ...have an awesome business idea or an awesome growing business...BUT you feel like your website is slacking a bit in design and usability?
  • ...often find yourself perusing other sites and wishing yours could be a bit more clean, dynamic, or gorgeous like the ones you see?
  • ....understand that your website, your online presentation, is just as important as the product you're offering?

If you're a new or existing business owner then you understand the importance of a website - and a good looking one at that. While functionality and content are extremely important, there's no doubt that aesthetics, website copy and overall experience plays a huge part in whether someone stays on your site to browse or disappears into the abyss of the internet. I've created my share of websites over the past 8 years (yes, this dates back to my teen years - who remembers Free Webs?) and have to say I have a pretty great eye when it comes to website design and a great understanding when it comes to user experience.

In my website design consultation we will evaluate your website and I will give you detailed next steps on how to improve your design, copy and overall website in order to align with your mission and brand. Based on our call you can either choose to execute the action steps on your own or work with me to develop a custom site that's streamlined with your brand and vision.

What You Get

  • Analysis Beforehand (I will evaluate your current website - if you have one - to identify strengths and weaknesses prior to our call)
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Branded Color Palette (created for your business that leverages theories about psychology of color in branding)
  • Branded Designs (for two marketing materials) including, but not limited to:
    • Business Cards (print options will be presented)
    • Instagram Graphics (including Instagram story)
    • "Thank You" cards for E-commerce
    • Packaging Design for E-commerce
  • Custom Squarespace Website
    • Including the following page designs: Home, About, Blog, Services, Testimonials, Product Page
    • Two Revisions
    • Professional E-Mail Setup
    • MailChimp Integration (including branded MailChimp template design)
    • One Hour Live Training Session
    • Follow-up Support
  • Additional Services are also offered upon request:
    • Social Media Strategy Session(s)
    • Copywriting for Social Assets
      • Including strategy sessions or copy creation for specific assets

My Signature Squarespace Website Design Package starts at $3,850 (Payment plans available upon request.)

Please schedule a consult for us to discuss your needs.